What does your Smiley bracelet say about you?


Look at the below Smiley bracelets and let your eyes drift to the one you are most drawn to.



smiley bracelet diamanta jewellery emoji
smiley bracelets

emoji smiley bracelet emoticon diamanta




Got one? Now read on below to find out what that means about you!




Smiley Bracelet Meanings



Friendly                                         emoji smiley bracelet emoticon diamanta



If your eyes were most drawn to this bracelet, then you are friendly! You like to be around people, laughing and making jokes. You often take the fun option in life, preferring an instant return over something that’s really, really far in the future. You are care-free and spontaneous and people are drawn to your positive outlook on life.




emoji smiley bracelet emoticon diamanta

Did this Smiley bracelet catch your eye? Then that means you’re the real joker in a group. This bracelet is the Happy one for people who are always laughing and making others laugh. In fact, you probably have an adorable and contagious laughter that fills a room like sunshine! Keep on smiling and making others smile 🙂




emoji smiley bracelet emoticon diamanta

Drawn to this Smiley bracelet? Then you’re most likely to be IN LOVE. Right now, you’re feeling lots of fuzzy thoughts towards someone, feeling grateful to have them in your life. And that may not be a partner – you could be feeling it for friends or family. Either way, you appreciate people and you’re showing this through kind acts to make them smile. Keep up the love!



emoji smiley bracelet emoticon diamanta

If you liked this bracelet the most, that means you’re laid back and relaxed. You feel content with most things in life, and are most often found wandering around in a beach-backpacker type vibe. Things don’t really get to you, you can shrug them off, and that makes you super approachable and nice to be around.




emoji smiley bracelet emoticon diamanta

Oh hello there. This Smiley bracelet is reserved for the coolest of the cool. You like to keep an air of mystery about you and as a result are really intriguing with people tending to gravitate towards you. People want to either be with you or just BE you. You’re a trendsetter and you keep people on their toes with your killer conversation and stand-out look.





emoji smiley bracelet emoticon diamanta

People drawn to this bracelet appreciate knowledge, learning and culture above most other things in life. You’re likely to be a very smart bean yourself and enjoy going to galleries, reading books and being creative. People come to you to learn new pearls of wisdom, so keep on imparting your interesting insights to others – it’s fulfilling and will make you and them smile!



Peace and love

emoji smiley bracelet emoticon diamanta

If you chose this bracelet, then you’re a real free-spirit with a heart of gold. You’re caring, kind and want what’s best for others. People naturally come to you for advice and for your pleasant, open-minded nature. You love music and festivals, and when you hear your favourite songs you can’t help but get up and dance!




emoji smiley bracelet emoticon diamanta

Choosing the star Smiley bracelet means you have stars in your eyes. You’re hopeful and ambitious about the future, keeping a positive outlook and motivated frame of mind. This spirit is highly contagious to others and you inspire others with your energy. Keep up the good work!




emoji smiley bracelet emoticon diamanta

Selecting this Smiley bracelet means you’re cheeky! You like to have fun and are very playful. You have a great sense of humour and get people laughing every day. You’re a bit of a wordsmith, sharp-witted and have a quick answer to anything. Kids love you and you’re a breath of fresh air for your friends as you don’t take life too seriously.




emoji smiley bracelet emoticon diamanta

If the Smiley bracelet with headphones stood out to you most, then this means you’re a free-spirit, a dancer and with the rhythm always running through you. You are active and energetic and your spontaneous enthusiasm is contagious. You also love your own down-time (so long as your favourite music is playing) so are what lots of people are today calling an ambivert. You are conscientious, agreeable, fun, sparkly but also can be perfectly happy alone. It’s a great, flexible and healthy balance!


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