Want to know ways to help the earth smile? You can make just 11 small changes to your routine and help make the world a better place.


For Earth Day, we want to make sure that positivity, happiness and our famous smile can spread between people, animals and the environment. Below are 11 easy ways to help the earth and look after our beautiful environment. Try them now and share them with your friends. Let’s get the whole world smiling!


1) Hang clothes out to dry

The sun is starting to shine, so dry your clothes the natural way. It’s better for the environment, and will leave your clothes feeling fresher than they do from a tumble dryer!

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2) Go veggie once a week

Try going veggie one day a week (e.g. Meatless Monday) and you’ll naturally eat more fruit and veg to keep you full. Not only can this reduce cardiovascular disease, limit cancer risk, fight diabetes and curb obesity, it helps reduce our carbon footprint by minimising water usage and reducing green house gases and fuel dependence.

3) Shower 6 nights, bathe one

It’s long been believed that baths take up more water than showers, however more recent research suggests that an 8 minute shower in a power shower (also assuming you don’t take longer than that!) uses up twice as much water than a non-power shower (62 litres vs 136 litres). This is now WAY more than a bath uses (80 litres), so if you have a power shower, and especially if you take longer than 8 minutes, get in that bath at least once a week! You can make it more special by relaxing with a book and some candles and treat yourself knowing you’re a part of the solution in ways to help the earth.

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4) Buy local

Buying local is one of the top environmental ways to help the earth. It reduces transportation costs, pesticide use and the usage of environmentally harmful equipment. Food production on an industrial scale creates greenhouse gases which are massively affecting climate change. Buying local will also put a smile on your local farmers and grocers’ faces! It’s great to know exactly where your food is coming from and also get to know the local producers. You can ask them how they grow it to learn more, as well as knowing that you’re eating seasonally and nutrient-dense food! Yum yum.

5) Invest in your own coffee cup

Why use and lose a paper cup when you can have your own, special one to refill? Take it around with you to work and cafés and impress everyone with your environmentally conscious behaviour. You’ll also know for sure you’re picking up the right drink and not someone else’s with ‘your’ name written on it that is actually totally misspelt 😉 For those in the UK, check these Smiley ones out from Pyramid Shop here which will also spread happiness to others, or this thermos flask or this travel mug if you’re in India.


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6) Go paperless

Do you REALLY need to print something off when you have a smartphone? Download it to your phone or take a picture of it and you’ll know you’re doing your bit in the many ways to help the earth.

7) Don’t stir your coffee with a stirrer

Plastic is ruining our marine life. It’s filling the oceans and spreading over the shorelines. We CAN make a difference here and we really, really should. Choose wooden stirrers over plastic every time. Or along with your Smiley mug, carry your own steel spoon to stir your coffee with. Together, we can all find ways to help the earth!

8) Brush without running the tap

Do you leave the tap running whilst your brushing your teeth? Did you know this uses up to 200 gallons of more water a month? Make sure you turn it off while you’re brushing and only use it to rinse off your toothbrush at the very end. BONUS TIP: Dentists actually recommend that you don’t rinse your mouth with water when brushing your teeth, just spit out most of the toothpaste and let the remainder stay on your teeth. It’s much, much better for your teeth – trust us.

9) Plant a tree

Not only is planting a tree one of the many ways to HELP the earth, it’s actually a way to SAVE it! Trees are vital to the planet: in the water cycle, in the battle against global warming and creating oxygen to help us breathe! Planting a tree will grow with you and leave your positive impact in the earth for years after.

10) Change your light

Is your light-bulb an energy saving one? 60W or 40W bulbs may be cheaper when you buy them in the shops, but the amount of energy they use can be 5 TIMES more expensive per day. It’s therefore cheaper in the long run to buy energy-saving bulbs, knowing that you’re helping the earth smile as you do 🙂

11) Recycle your cans!

It may be tempting to pop your empty cans in a normal bin, but recycling just one can will saves enough energy to run your TV for three hours.


Now that you know 11 ways to help the earth, start today and let’s make the earth smile for Earth Day!


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