It’s a day like any other. Your train is a few minutes late, an arctic wind blowing through the platform is chilling you to your bones and you’ve just noticed you’ve spilt your morning coffee on your shirt. Gr8. But luckily for days like these, a small legion of cheerful people are assembling with one joyful mission: to make people smile. 

Tony Knight – Wokingham Station 

For those passing through Wokingham station, Tony Knight is lifting spirits by pointing out the sunshine, and announcing train arrivals with a jolly spin. You can watch him in action here:


Steve – Southern Trains

Over on Southern Rail, a train driver entertains his passengers on their commute to London through morning quizzes and interesting train fact announcements. The driver, known as Steve, asks questions over the PA and encourages passengers to answer using the hashtag #timetunneltrain. He even sings the music rounds. 

These tweets make us want to commute on whichever train he’s driving!

time tunnel train 1

time tunnel train 2

London Bridge, Jubilee Line Tube Announcer

Delving into the depths of the London underground, we’ve found a tube announcer on the Jubilee line at London Bridge (right by Smiley HQ!) who is always happy and spreading smiles along the platform with his cheery mood and quizzes.

jubilee line

Carl – Victoria Station

Whilst on the Victoria Line we have Carl, the friendly Jamaican platform attendant who not only ends his announcements with ‘peace and love on the soul train,’ he also raps announcements too. 

Here he is spreading smiles –

victoria line

William Harris – Bus Driver in Cork

Recently, this bus driver in Cork became a viral hit when he stopped his bus to get off and tie the shoelaces for an elderly lady who would have tripped otherwise. Due to her arthritis, it wasn’t possible for her to bend down to tie her laces, so this driver, William Harris, got off the bus to go the extra mile for her. The story has been shared over 10,000 times and continues to bring a smile to people’s faces.


We’ve also heard of a Dalek voice doing the train announcement at Oxford Circus during the Star Wars hype, and here’s also to the train attendant at Highbury and Islington Overground wishing everyone a ‘beauuuuutiful morning’ even when it’s raining.

Do you have any train or bus attendants that make you happy on your commute? Tweet us at @SmileyOriginal, we love to hear of the people who are spreading smiles far and wide! 

And this weekend, why not join this cheerful crew by doing one kind thing, and be the reason someone smiles.