To have a successful food licensing proposition today, you need to mix together a variety of ingredients with a healthy sprinkling of good fortune. There is not a lot of free space on the shelves at local supermarkets, creating massive competition to win that available shelf space. So you need to be innovative, well researched and have a good reason for the consumer to buy your product over the competition.

Here are a few of the ingredients needed to catapult your brand above the competition and ensure you win that valuable shelf space on offer:


Outstanding IP

The Happiness Trend & The Science of Happiness

Trends come and go in the advertising and promotions market, so it’s important to align yourself to something that reflects your brand, your DNA and a trend that has longevity.

Smiley are a great example of this, using their core brand value of promoting happiness to tap into a major trend today. With tapping into happiness a global trend for some time, Smiley continues to be associated with this  appeal that has become a major phenomenon in the food industry today, with major brands like Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Chiquita and Pepsi-Cola surfing the same happiness wave. Also, the science of happiness has proven that food makes you happy, and, as a brand whose entire DNA and philosophy is to spread happiness, Smiley is perfectly aligned to capitalise on this trend’s popularity due to the its core values being organically aligned with this philosophy.


Coca Cola taste happiness smiley


A great plan to get the right products to market

Extensive Market Research

Today one of the most important things you can do before launching a product is to talk directly to the consumer and find out what they want…and that’s exactly what Smiley did with their food range. Throughout the course of 2015, the marketing team at Smiley in partnership with Harris Interactive and Toluna surveyed a wide range of mothers and father throughout Europe and North America, aged between 25-40 and also with their children aged from 5-13 years to get feedback on their buying habits. This market research was disseminated and the results were overwhelmingly conclusive:

Smiley creates on-shelf stand out, improves positive perception of products, and increases purchase intent.

Here’s what the public had to say:

  • 97% globally recognise Smiley as a symbol of positivity
  • 84% of those surveyed would buy Smiley products regardless of their age and income.
  • 63% felt that including the Smiley logo on product packaging made them feel that they were buying into a good quality product.
  • 62% felt Smiley branding made them want to buy products.
  • 69% thought that Smiley packaging was attention grabbing and outperformed other brands in the market place.

FMCG Food infographic Smiley


Best-In-Class Partners

Another key to success as a licensing brand in the food space is working with the best partners available in the industry. You need partners who:

  • Have a reputation for excellence in their field and the ability to create the best products.
  • The networks to leverage their relationships with industry leading buyers in order to get your products seen by the top decision makers.
  • A belief in each other as partners and complete confidence in the range of products that you have developed together.

This is another reason why Smiley is enjoying great success today, with reputable industry leading partners such as  including the likes of Dalla Costa, Giraudi, Guenthart, Hellema, Intersnack, L’abbaye, L’abeille, McCain, R&R, and Sevendays.


smiley emoticons


A water-tight concept to captivate the consumer at retail

The Global Craze for Smiley Icons

If you look at the market today, the products winning at retail are the ones with standout packaging and that resonate most with the lives of their consumers…and this really is where Smiley steals a march on the competition. With billions of Smiley icons being used in technology today and emoticons becoming such a key part of the lifestyle of the digital world, demand in the market for Smiley icons has never been greater, and the connection between Smiley and consumers has never been stronger at retail.