The demands in the fresh fruit beverage market means that today it has never been more challenging to launch a new product into this market and Smiley‘s first move into this space has been based upon innovation, creativity and great product development.

When evolving their delicious new smoothie range, the team at Smiley wanted to strike the balance between taste and healthiness; capitalising on the scientific theory that food can make you happy.  Focusing on creating healthy, sustainable and organic produce helps to generate a feeling of well-being and happiness when consuming these products.

That’s why when developing this new range of smoothies, Smiley were so keen to work with market leading technologies and production partners in order to ensure the brand could create the best product in this competitive market. They believe they have done this and in partnership with Spanish based manufacturer Fruselva have used the highly innovative fruit drink production method of HPP (High Pressure Processing) to create an exciting range of super smoothies:

How does HPP work?

Bacteria and yeasts cannot survive in high-pressure environments; HPP is a cold pasteurisation technique by which products, sealed in final packaging, are introduced to a high level of isostatic pressure, neutralising molecules that cause juice to spoil faster as well as avoiding risk of contamination.

Invented in the 18th century but developed in the 1990s, HPP processing works especially well with preserving juices and smoothies and with no added chemicals or preservatives all nature qualities and benefits remain.

This process is very important today, as eliminating the need for artificial preservatives results in a more organic, healthy product that stays fresher for longer. It also has the added benefit of giving customers confidence in a high quality product that contains all the natural goodness of fruit and vegetables without any of the nasty hidden artificial extras.


High pressure processing Smiley


Our healthy philosophy

Healthy, happy foods are a core part of Smiley’s food DNA. and we believe that by exploring the concept that feeding your feelings and listening to your body will help make you a happier and more balanced person.    


So what happens when you mix happy, healthy and tasty?

Smiley have teamed up with Spanish drinks manufacturer Fruselva and created a range of all natural smoothies that feature the brand’s original and iconic Smiley logo. This exciting range of smoothies are free from preservatives and colourings and have been HPP processed with a variety of fruit and vegetables to ensure a healthy and all natural product. The products feature the iconic Smiley logo, with has 97% global brand awareness today and is at the forefront of a trend that has become a major phenomenon in the food industry today.

Smiley Fruit Smoothies Fruselva

The exciting flavours of Smiley Smoothie

Smiley Smoothies come in an exciting and innovative range of flavours, including:

  Carrot, apple, orange, passion fruit & ginger

  Spinach, apple, kale, cucumber & lemon

  Beetroot, apple, carrot, lemon & ginger

  Apple, pear and raspberry

  Apple, mango, pineapple, orange & passion fruit

  Cloudy apple


fruselva-HPP subESP from Inside Works on Vimeo.