There’s lots to smile about at Coachella Festival, and our Coachella tips will make sure you can #BeSmiley every day.

coachella tips festival music

Looking for Coachella tips? Look no further!

Don’t be daunted if it’s your first time at Coachella, read on to make sure your Coachella Festival 2016 is the smiliest festival ever.

coachella tips festival music

Coachella Tips #1

Sun protection

Protect yourself from the heat with water, hats, sun cream, lip balm with SPF, sunglasses (bring at least two pairs) and aloe vera. Not getting burned = staying smiley.

*BONUS TIP* When a drinks vendor runs out of drinks, seize the opportunity and ask if you can dunk your head in the water before they replace it along with the fresh drinks. BEST. FEELING. EVER.


Coachella Tips #2

Comfy feet

You’ll be walking around the whole day (mainly on grass), so wear airy, previously worn trainers that will keep a spring in your step. Happy feet are a smiley you.


Coachella Tips #3

What’s hot

Be ahead of the crowd and wear this year’s on-trend cactus print.


Coachella Tips #4


Hire one early. Don’t miss your favourite music by traipsing back to where you’re staying. And make sure you have warm clothes to change into for the evening (which you can also handily leave in the lockers)


Coachella Tips #5

Bring ear plugs

They will both help you sleep and will protect your ears from the music. Splash out with these super exciting earplugs for a totally tailored experience…


Coachella Tips #6

Stay clean

Bring portable hand sanitizer, wet wipes and individually wrapped tissue packs that are easy to carry in a bumbag (always go for the bumbag option). You can shower at Coachella – hurrah! – so make the most of that.


Coachella Tips #7

Bring a cooler

If you’re camping, this will be a great way to store fresh food providing some much needed respite from the stodgy festival fare. And also for keeping water cold! No one likes lukewarm water. It makes something that’s tasteless suddenly THE WORST. Freeze water bottles to make your ice go further.


Coachella Tips #8

Music research

Listen to every band on the line up, and rate them according to your taste. For any clashes, this will help guide you where to go when it gets to it, and will also introduce you to some new music, which is always excellent.


Coachella Tips #9

Bring a scarf

It gets dusty, so bring a light scarf that can act as a cool accessory and barrier to the dust clouds.


Coachella Tips #10


Smile to your neighbours, smile to strangers, get EVERYONE smiling through your contagious positivity!

coachella tips festival music

We’ll be around at Coachella with the This Is A Good Sign team, handing out the new, flyers with the iconic Smiley. You can even WIN PRIZES if you grab a flyer and take photos with the Smiley side in front of loads of awesome backgrounds. The more exotic and exciting the backdrop, the more likely you are to win! Grab a flyer, start snapping and get hashtagging with #BeSmiley.


coachella tips 4

Photo by Sound and Silence Magazine of Run River North at The Blind Pig, Detroit. Read more here