t’s been 20 years since McCain launched their renowned potato shapes with Smiley, and in that time the popularity of Smiley shaped foods has grown throughout the world.


Today some of Europe’s biggest licensees and retailers in the food & beverage market have discovered the value of incorporating 3D ‘shaped’ Smiley icons into their product lines. Smileys naturally lend themselves to the creation of ‘shaped’ products and generate an immediate consumer connection, promoting happiness, and producing mass appeal with younger target demographics (the typical target for ‘shaped’ products.)

Products currently utilising Smiley designs range from dried pasta, burgers, nuggets, potato snacks, cereals, biscuits, crisps, and even ice cream; and this list is set to greatly increase as Smiley continues to build upon the success of our global food licensing program.

The biggest pull of Smiley ‘shaped’ products by far is their appeal to the children’s food marketplace, where Smiley’s 97% global recognition as a symbol of positivity really comes into its own! Brands have found that applying Smiley ‘shapes’ to existing product lines boost sales by an average of over 20%, with the iconic symbols and bright kid-friendly packaging really standing out from competitors on supermarket shelves.

But don’t take our word for it – check out a few of our current food & beverage licensees and how they have used our Smiley icons to grow their footprint in a crowded and highly competitive marketplace:

Giraudi – Fresh & frozen meat

Under the Smiley license, Giraudi created its own range of frozen and fresh meat products including Mini & Mega chicken nuggets beef burgers and veal burgers. 100% certified European meat.


 Sevenday – Cereals

Deliciously crunchy Smiley cereal in variety of different flavours to start your day the Smiley way!


Intersnack – Snacks and crisps

Smiley-shaped crunchy potato-based snacks available in a variety of flavours, currently sold in supermarkets across Europe and selected international retailers.


 Dalla Costa – Pasta

Pasta of durum wheat semolina extruded with bronze die plates in Smiley emoticon shapes. Made in Italy and distributed across most of Europe.