The Smiley Company’s book publishing continues and expands in new markets. Books four and five are set to launch in Spring 2018 and Autumn 2019. Launched in 2016 by French publisherLes Livres d Dragon d’Or, there are three titles out in the market and thanks to its success, the SmileyWorld-illustrated novel in the series Tout Va Bien (It’s All Good) is being published internationally and will be translated into English, Italian, German and Czechoslovakian. Now, more than 650,000 SmileyWorld books have sold in France along with a range of sticker books, journals and activity books. Young adult novel series Ma Vie En Smiley (My Smiley Life) is an anthology of short illustrated storybooks written by the brand’s precocious protagonist, Max, who explores happiness, positivity, self-expression, and emotional intelligence.