With the Edinburgh Fringe festival kicking off this week, we’ve have created a handy survival guide to help you through the organised chaos of this year’s festival of fun!


The Edinburgh Fringe festival runs from the 5th-29th August, and this year will be featuring over 3000 productions from different groups; totalling a staggering 50,000 performances across almost 300 venues throughout the month!

With so much going on it’s vital to do your research and highlight the events and acts that are a ‘must-see’ for you. It’s generally recommended to aim for a maximum of 5 shows per day – any more and you run the risk of burning out or struggling to remember the highlights!

The ‘sold out’ boards displayed at most venues can be a good place to get a feel for the most popular acts (and to snap up a ticket for the next day!)


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Get organised

The official Fringe festival website has a helpful guide to help you plan your trip to the event, as well as tips on finding accommodation and how to travel to Edinburgh.

You can also find an interactive venue guide to help you navigate your way around the 300 venues taking part in this year’s event.

Try to plan to arrive at least 15 minutes early for any local shows you have booked, and leave at least 40 minutes for travelling across town to distant venues – the city and public transport can get notoriously busy during festival season!

Remember that turning up to a venue late is almost guaranteed to get the attention of performing stand-ups, and you can expect to be the target of a few jibes for your error! 🙂

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Award Nomination week

The third week of the Fringe festival is an important one, with the shortlists for the Edinburgh Comedy awards being announced on the 24th August. This usually leads to a stampede of people snapping up tickets to see the nominated acts, so it’s worth keeping your eyes glued to Twitter (@ComedyAwards) for the announcement so you can guarantee a spot for your chosen performances!


Look after yourself!

The weather in Edinburgh is notoriously fickle, so it’s always recommended that you bring a brolly or rainproof jacket to deal with the worst of what the UK weather can throw at you! Likewise it’s also a good plan to dress in layers, as some of the smaller venues can get incredibly hot inside when packed to the rafters with festival goers. Oh, and don’t forget to pack some comfy shoes – chances are you will be on your feet a lot today!

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While the festival tends to lend itself toward ‘liquid lunches’, it’s always sensible to keep yourself topped up with solids too! Pack some snacks to keep you going when time is short or you are on the move, and plan to take an hour or so out each day to delve into Edinburgh’s culinary scene!

Hanover Street has long been a favourite location for savvy festival goers with some time for a sit down meal in one of the fantastic eateries that dot the area, while George Square and Briso Square both offer a huge variety of food stalls right in the centre of the action.


Explore smaller venues

The big four venues are the Assembly, the Pleasance, the Gilded Balloon and the Underbelly, but many of today’s big name comedy stars started off in one of the 300 smaller fringe venues around the city. The lesson here? Don’t be afraid to branch out!

Study festival guides and reviews, talk to your fellow festival goers, see who is trending on social media, and take a chance! You might end up seeing a stand-up star of the future for a fraction of the price of one of the larger shows! ^^

You can view the full 2016 Edinburgh Festival Fringe Programme online here, or download as a PDF file here.


Stay safe and have a very happy festival! 😀