At Smiley we are dedicated to happiness and positivity and we wanted to share with you the moments from Euro 2016 that made us happy.

1) Roy Hodgson Snorting like a Pig

Genève Indoors 2014 - 20140114 - Roy Hodgson

During a press conference before a match against Slovakia, England’s now disgraced manager Roy Hodgson snorted mid sentence in front of cameras. This humorous moment epitomizes England’s play during the tournament. A big mistake.

2) Ireland’s fans mixing with other supporters singing and dancing


Despite a number of different unfortunate moments involving supporters at the competition, the Irish spirit for fun was present and alive. Gathering in France wearing their traditional emerald green, Irish fans were seen hugging, kissing, and dancing the nights away long after football ended. There’s even a video of Irish fans fixing a damaged car and collectively sticking money into the door cracks to help out the owner. The Mayor of Paris gave the Irish fans the “Supporters Award” for their positivity and friendliness.

3) Wale’s National Anthem


Before this summer, Wales had never appeared in the European Championship. In fact, due to the help of Gareth Bale the football squad was considered to be one of the more exciting squads in this year’s competition. Wales had a brilliant tournament, exceeding all expectations by making it to the semi-finals. During the national anthem before the quarter-final match against Belgium, there were cameras panning the player’s faces. Almost every player had a twinkle in their eye, maybe a tear, because everyone knew how important this game was to Wales. Ultimately the Welsh squad had the power and determination to power through and advance to the Semi-Finals.

4) Simone Zaza’s Run Up


Italy and Germany were on pace for a penalty shootout in extra time when Italian manager Giampiero Ventura decided to sub in Simone Zaza to give him a spot in the penalty shootout. Italy and Germany both scored their first goals in penalties, and Zaza was called to the box for the second shot. During his run up, he made a series of stutter steps in a bizarre fashion never before seen on the football pitch. He then skied the ball above the crossbar. Italy went on to lose in Penalties, and some say that Zaza’s ball reached orbit and still hasn’t fallen back to earth. The football gods were definitely not happy with him after his obscure run up.

5) Icelandic Thunder-clap

Matthew Ashton / Getty Images

Called the ‘Viking War Chant’ this new Icelandic clap helped bring together the tiny nation of just over 300,000 people. Starting with a single clap, the tempo gets progressively faster as the fans clap and shout “huh!” in unison. Many other football supports adopted this clap and its power could be felt across the Atlantic Ocean and the Norwegian Sea.