You asked, so we delivered – Flavoured digital Smileys are finally here!

We get a lot of requests from our fans here at Smiley, and being a brand dedicated to happiness we always strive to make these dreams a reality for our followers around the world. Some of these requests are outlandish (or just flat-out impossible) but we always try to investigate the possibilities and give life to them wherever possible.

It was one of these innocent little requests that came in on a slow Monday morning that led to our design team making a sudden and unexpected breakthrough in lickitaste™ digital technology.

Yes, that’s right, as a direct result of your feedback, we have developed the world’s first flavoured digital Smileys


Flavoured digital Smileys Lickitaste April fools


Each one of our new digital Smileys from the lickitaste collection has a unique flavour, that can be experienced simply by licking the screen of the desktop or handheld device of your choice! *

After a prolonged period of research, trials, and focus testing, we spent months in development in our lab at Smiley HQ, ensuring that the flavours were not only mouth-wateringly delicious and strong, but that each unique taste really synced up with the Smiley it was applied to! Yum yum!

Here you can see our new Smiley taste menu containing a few examples, but there are hundreds of flavours available! You can even combine certain simple flavoured Smileys to create complex flavours like black forest gateaux, prawn cocktail, and grilled cheese sandwich! What combinations can you create? Give your screen a lick to try each flavoured Smiley now! ^^

Flavoured digital Smileys Lickitaste April fools

But the good news doesn’t end there – we will also be trialling a few of the new lickitaste flavours exclusively on our Facebook and Twitter pages today, so pull up the feed, give those Smileys a lick, and let us know your feedback on the flavours! **

Our current personal favourite at Smiley HQ is the delicious combo of ‘Cranky Chilli’ with ‘British beef’ to form the classic flavour of a tasty Chilli con carne, and just like your favourite chewing gum the taste will stay with you for hours! ***

digital smileys

Don’t forget to share your taste test videos and pictures with us on our social channels along with your detailed flavour feedback, and let us know any requests for new flavours we can add with the next batch!

Happy April 1st everyone! 😀

Flavoured digital Smileys Lickitaste April fools

* Please note some older android devices may not have the necessary taste resolution (TPI) to support ‘lickitaste’ screen-to-mouth tech.

** All Smileys contain all natural flavours and RGBY colour palates for the clean organic taste that you love!  

*** Please check today’s date before becoming emotionally invested in the new Flavoured Smiley promotion. ')}