Are you eating food that’s good for your soul? Eat well and create the right emotions with Incidence and Smiley.

Smiley and Incidence’s colour therapy plates bring out emotions and feelings that are good for you from the inside out. Just looking at these plates will put a smile on your face, but did you know that you can also eat foods that will create these feelings inside you? By adding certain ingredients to your recipes, you can create wellness and positivity inside you. A happy tummy is a happy mind!


Food for Harmony

A harmonious plate of food creates magical things inside you. Food pairing in complementary ways doesn’t only taste good, science has proven that it actually activates important reactions inside to stimulate loads of healthy benefits.

For instance, did you know avocados are a super food? Of course you did! It’s packed with vitamin K, folate, vitamin C, potassium, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, vitamin E and loads of good fats, making it a low-carb, nutrient-dense tasty food. Did you also know that adding fats to vegetables is a proven way to be even healthier? As Rosanne Rust, founder of Rust Nutrition Services says, “in general, eating vegetables with added fats helps improve the absorption of beta-carotene in the vegetables.” Add an avocado to  your roast vegetables or to tomatoes and create harmony inside you.


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Food for Spirituality

Connect with your inner spirituality to unlock potentials beyond the five senses. Eat raw foods to ensure natural vitamins and minerals aren’t destroyed in your food and add the superfood spirulina to your diet to boost your immune system, fight fatigue, improve digestion, lower blood pressure and detoxify the body. It makes you feel whole and good from the inside out, connecting you with nature which will help you in mindfulness.


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Food for Love

Who doesn’t love food? And we all know certain foods create love… oysters, strawberries and chocolate are just some things that can excite the taste buds, but did you also know that pomegranate is a sweet ticket to creating love inside? It’s high in anti-oxidants which boosts blood flow giving you a real rush! Add them to your salads for a crunchy, lovely taste.


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Food for Energy

Erin Palinski-Wade argues that “high-quality complex carbohydrates are the best source of energy prior to a workout. Not only does a banana contain carbohydrates to fuel your workout, but it’s also rich in potassium which can help to prevent muscle cramps during exercise.” Add protein to your banana with a tablespoon of sugar-free peanut butter and layer them both on one slice of wholemeal bread for a balanced boost of energy.


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Food for Happiness

Turmeric is a unique and delicious spice. It’s unique because it has been proven to aid illnesses, sometimes even curing some, and it’s delicious because – well, have you not had it with your paella or curries!? It not only contains anti-cancer substances, but it offers a helping hand to the liver in detoxification, relieves inflamed joints, contains anti-oxidants, is a potential treatment for Alzheimer’s disease, aids digestion, soothes eczema, prevents type-2 diabetes and it also helps battle depression. Amazingly, studies have shown that it releases dopamine and serotonin which is associated with pleasure, enjoyment and motivation. And did you know adding a bit of black pepper to turmeric improves the bioavailability of it? Get cooking with turmeric today! Add it to chicken, rice, cauliflower, fish, courgettes… The list goes on 🙂


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Food for Creativity

Boost your brain and unleash the power of your own creativity with some very special foods that are proven to make your brain happier. You need to add essential fatty acids to your diet as your body can’t make them on its own, so get your omega-3 fats through oily fish like sardines, linseed oil, pumpkin seeds and walnut oil. Add these ingredients to a bed of crunchy salad and you’ve got yourself a fantastic lunch to kick start your brain for the rest of the day.

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