Upset from seeing sad news all the time? Here are some Good News Stories that will make you smile for World Smile Day.


Giving back


Meet Greg Smith, a man from Florida who kicks off today’s Good News Stories. Greg works downtown Orlando and for the last few weeks had been passing by a woman sat on the corner, but who never asked for money, simply saying, “Good morning Sir, have a great day. God bless!” Greg got talking to the lady, her name is Amy Joe, and they started having lunch together. Greg started feeling inspired by her positive attitude: Amy Joe doesn’t smoke, drink or have a drug addiction. Then, Amy Joe revealed to Greg that she cannot read. She saves any money she receives to borrow books from the library that will help her learn to read. Feeling enormously humbled, Greg started to teach Amy Joe to read on his lunch breaks.

Greg revealed this touching story in a pubic Facebook post. He wanted to show that helping and sharing with others is a beautiful part of life that we can all do. His story asks readers if there is anyone in their lives that can be helped today. He asks, “who is your Amy Joe?”





The next instalment for our Good News Stories is a beautiful relationship between another fairly unlikely pair. Autism service dogs are trained to assist autistic people, responding to certain behaviours such as overstimulation or obstacle avoidance, amongst many other things. They appear to create fiercely loyal bonds with their owners, knowing when they’re in trouble. This moment captured on video is shows just such a close connection between a dog and a young boy. Watch how protective the pup is to his pal!


good news stories



You can get caught up in the rush of a football game. The buzz, the tension, this season’s ‘will they won’t they’ nail-biting story for Leicester City. But for this young boy, defending his team’s goal for his life and being quick on the heels of the red team, came second to one thing. Watch this video to find out what made this one of our Good News Stories…