Happy Father’s day to all the doting dads out there! 😀

Having recently become a father myself, I thought it would be a nice change to focus on the transition that us meddlesome men go through when they become a father for the first time!


Dad Reflexes

Now it’s widely acknowledged that becoming a parent means opening yourself up to chaos! Silence becomes a thing of the past, free time disappears, and you always have to be aware of what the little ones are up to – they will always find some way to get themselves into trouble if you let them! 🙂

Perhaps this is why fathers seem to suddenly develop ‘Dad Reflexes’ as soon as their kids are born, helping even the most sluggish dad cope with those sudden moments of panic; when you look up to find your children dancing on a ledge or about to jump into a pond (that one is from personal experience!) you don’t think, you act!




Dad Jokes

“Did you hear about the father that invented the knock knock joke?”

“…. He won the no-bell prize!”

“Daaaaaaaaaad why?!”


We don’t know what it is about becoming a dad that instantly turns men into repositories of corny humor, but it’s a proven fact that nothing is guaranteed to provoke poor puns more than the coming of a newborn baby.

Maybe it’s payback for all those embarrassing moments to be encountered while they grow, like loudly announcing to a group of strangers that “daddy has a hairy bottom” – each little indiscretion catalogued ready for retaliation during an 18th birthday, wedding speech, or visit from your kid’s first boyfriend/girlfriend!


Dad Jokes Smiley

Credit: /u/geoffevans


Proud Dad

All jokes aside (haha!) there’s something wonderful about seeing a loving father shepherding their little ones around to after school clubs, activities, and sports events, proudly praising their kid’s achievements and boasting to anyone that will listen! 🙂


Proud Dads Smiley

Credit: /u/kekemas17


Many dads like to go a step further, with cute identical father and son outfits to show off the family resemblance. Of course, humans aren’t the only ones that get in on the action! 😉


Proud Dad Smiley

Credit: /u/justin11


Dad life hacks

These days single dads have it tough, especially when it comes to the unfamiliar territory of caring for a young girls – how does a braid even work anyway?!

Luckily you are not alone, a whole cadre of devoted dads have walked the line before you, and many have posted wonderfully useful life hacks for coping with the chaos of morning routines, beauty treatments, the terrible teens, and broken hearts.



No matter how proud and independent your kids grow up to be, there will always be times when the ‘daddy safety net’ needs to be deployed, so opportunities to pass on words of wisdom or life hacks will always arise – someday they might even need help with their own little ones and the cycle starts again! 😉  



Father’s day rewards!

So that magical day of the year has finally arrived where fantastic fathers get a day of recognition for all their hard work (and definitely not taking credit for everything mummy does) 😉

Here’s a few ‘suggestions’ to sneakily drop around mum and the kids before the big day:

  1. A lay in – you weren’t sure these still existed right? Wrap yourself up and snooze the morning away, safe in the knowledge that mum (probably) has things covered! 😛
  2. Breakfast in bed – a perfect follow up to suggestion #1! Depending on the age of your little ones it might be an idea to ask for something simple like fruit or cereal! 😉
  3. Make a card – there’s something about a homemade card that feel, especially if you are not the one having to clear up the mess afterwards! ^^


Father's day Smiley


Gifts galore!

Of course if it’s a physical present your kids are looking to get you with we also have a few ideas for gifts that won’t break the piggy bank this year – try leaving these open on a web page as a not-so-subtle hint 😉



Riep Smiley Golf

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Since I’m almost out of alliteration areas for our brilliant blog, we’ll sign off here! Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, have a wonderful father’s day from everyone at Smiley! 😀