It’s World Smile Day on the 8th May and from May 16th – June 16th it’s National Smile Month. May is THE month for smiling (as if you need any more reasons to want to smile every day!)

So, being the happy and smiley brand that we are, we definitely want to help let you smile every day.


Why smile?


The first thing you notice about someone is their smile. It makes people seem approachable, trustworthy, kind, open, and most of all, it’s contagious! How can you resist not smiling back when someone flashes you a brilliant, big smile?

It’s such an important part of communication with others, but also so crucial to your own wellbeing.

Smiling improves your mood from the inside out. Try it now, and just feel yourself become a little happier already.

national smile month smiling

And as well lifting your mood, smiling has proven to help reduce stress, as the release of endorphins reduces the stress hormone, cortisol.

On top of this, smiling also increases productivity. If you smile in the office, you will feel invigorated and energised. It definitely helps having Smileys around us in our office (we are the Smiley company after all!) so we’d recommend having Smiley stationery and wall prints to keep your office bright… 🙂


national smile month have a nice day canvas


Smiling has also been proven to boost creativity due to the release of dopamine (triggered by happiness) which is also involved in learning, processing and decision-making.


Need some reasons to smile? We’ll be posting lots throughout the month so that we’re your go-to source for smile inspiration. But most importantly, we want to to know that you’re smiling. So here’s our National Smile Month challenge! Every day, upload one picture of something that made you smile to either our Facebook page or on Instagram with the hashtag #ReasonToSmile, and start making a photo collection of all the beautiful things around you that make you smile each day.


Can you smile every day for a month? Then get started on our National Smile Month challenge!


We can’t wait to see your photos!