Attention bookworms around the globe, World Book And Copyright Day is finally here! 😀

World book day this year falls on the 23rd April in much of Europe, and we are taking the time to celebrate the success of our publishing partners across Europe who have created some amazing collections of fun Smiley novels and activity books for kids and young adults!


Dragon D’or (France)

Dragon D’or have expanded their collection of Smiley publications in a big way over the past year, including forays into the young adult market. Our exciting partnership has seen Smiley work with French author Anne Kalicki to launch an exciting new novel series for young adults in French, and with the success of the first edition – Ma Vie en Smiley: Tout va Bien, they have already released the second in the series, Ma Vie en Smiley: J’Assure! The books tell the story of Max, a youth in France trying to navigate the crazy world of college life. Both are beautifully hand-illustrated and decorated with a selection of Smiley ‘stickers’ from our digital dictionary.


DDMaVie copy


As well as their more conventional offerings of cute sticker collections, activity books, and journals, Dragon D’or have also recently dipped their toes into the young adult market, with a collection of wholesome self help and motivational books, with short stories on themes such as love, family, and work! 🙂


Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 14.25.55


Last but not least, Dragon D’or recently released a pair of puzzle books under their 404 Editions label, partnering with French TV personalities Julien Tellouck and Mathias Lavorel to create a collection of brain teasers using smileys to give clues to the titles of famous films from all over the world!




Scholastic (UK)

Scholastic have released some amazing offerings this year, with their ‘Search and Find’ activity book being hugely popular with kids of all ages! Combining our dictionary of iconic Smileys and some beautifully illustrated backgrounds, they created an entertaining way to keep your little ones occupied for long enough to catch up your own reading! 😉




On top of this success, Scholastic also released a Smiley sticker collection, gathering all of your favourite emoticons in one happy little book – perfect for gracing the covers of school books, journals, and scrapbooks everywhere!




One of Scholastic’s more unique offerings in the past year has been the Smiley joke book, featuring over 170 jokes written out entirely in emoticons and symbols from our collection. We’ve spent a long time here at Smiley HQ trying to work out some of the harder ones (so you are almost guaranteed a bit of quiet time while the kids are busy with this hilarious offering!)

If you want to find out more about Scholastic, check out the Smiley mini site to discover games, activities, and more information on Scholastic’s recent publications! 🙂


Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 11.29.10


Baeckens Books (NL, BE, DE)

Baeckens Books had another strong year in the European market, growing their compilation of children’s activity books with everything from sticker packs, colouring books, maze puzzles, and even Smiley masks!




One of Baeckens’ most popular offerings has been the ‘100% Girly’ Smiley friends book, where your daughter can test her friends over 5 categories to discover the truth about themselves and their loves and interests!




Edicart (Italy)

If you are looking for Smiley sticker packs for happy arts & craft sessions with your kids, then look no further than Edicart’s stable of super fun sticker collections, in themes like ‘Emoticon time’, ‘Emoticon world’, and many others! These packs are perfect for this summer’s back to school season, letting your little monsters customise their school books, bags, and stationery to bring smiles to even the most boring classroom! 😉


Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 13.37.38


It’s not all about play time with Edicart though! In the past year they also released a wonderful educational book to help kids learn English with the help of entertaining activities and everyone’s favourite Smiley icons! 😀

So, wherever you are this #WorldBookDay, there are plenty of options to find Smiley publications to brighten your day! 😉

Happy reading! ')}