INSENSO X SMILEY Launch into the USA

There’s mood lighting, and then there’s mood lighting, and for a recent launch in Australia, Insenso and Smiley experimented with exactly that through the continually growing popularity of emoticons, and Insenso’s globally renowned, unique lamps.

Smiley’s collaboration with Insenso lamps introduces an exciting new way to light up your room, with a wide range of expressive lights to suit any room, and create any mood.

Whether it’s the Happy lamp, Fun lamp, Geeky, Dreaming, In Love or Playful lamps, Insenso and Smiley’s collection transform a room into true ambience, and gives all types of budding interior designers a chance to really express themselves.

These lamps are making their way over to ASD Market Week, USA for 28th February through to 2nd March for an exclusive launch. Browse through them all in Booth: SL3146; be different and let lamps express your feelings.

insenso, smiley

Insenso x Smiley