We recently met up with super cool street artist Marc Craig at Leake Street, one of London’s best known locations for street art, Graffiti, and murals, to check out a special Smiley piece he created for us!


smiley graffiti


Marc is a London based artist who works primarily with large scale murals, both on his own and as part of the street art collective Psychdodoodlz which he also founded in 2015. His bold style is easily recognisable and stands out in the crowded space of Leake street, with monochromatic colour schemes and tribal influences contrasting and combining to create something unique. Check out Marc’s website to see more of his awesome artwork! 😀


smiley graffiti


Leake street tunnel was first used as an art space back in 2008 by icon of graffiti culture Banksy, for his ‘Cans Festival’. The location has survived to this day as an incubator space for street artists from all walks of life, and the cherry on top is that it’s completely free to everyone to visit or exhibit at!

Smiley have some really exciting collaborations in the pipeline to extend this partnership with Marc Craig into 2017 as part of the brands exciting anniversary program and we believe his unique creative approach will add an exciting element that draws deeply into Smiley’s roots in street culture.




Let us know what you think of Marc’s work by tweeting us @SmileyOriginaland don’t forget to share any pictures of your own Smiley artwork! 😀