Mother’s day is almost upon us, and for many it’s a time of frantic scrambling to find that perfect gift in time for the big day! If this sounds familiar – don’t panic! We’ve created a collection of all the best Smiley mother’s day gifts to brighten the day for mums everywhere! We know you have probably already exhausted the more boring gift ideas like flowers and cards, so we’ve skipped straight to the good stuff to surprise and delight the first lady in your life – and put you one step ahead of your siblings in the race for parental approval! 😉

First up we have some beautiful metallic clutch and makeup bags from Incidence in France, simple yet stylish, boasting our iconic Smiley and the really important part for mums on the go – plenty of room for the bare essentials when out on the move! ^^

Incidence Smiley Metallic bag mother’s day gift

Speaking of bags, we also have the elegant women’s collection just launched by Le Pandorine in Italy, featuring backpacks, purses, handbags, and clutches in a selection of sleek colour schemes. Each comes with a sewn Smiley patch and happy message! 🙂


mother’s day gift smiley le pandorine bag


If you are looking to surprise your mum with some sparkle this year, look no further than the stunning silver Smiley charm collection from Argenesi in Italy! With delicate bracelets that can be customised to suit your mood, this is always going to be a winning gift on mother’s day 😀


Smiley charm bracelet Argenesi Silver mother’s day gift


One for all you sons and daughters across the pond in the US – this faded Smiley print tank top and t-shirt collection at Bloomingdales comes with plenty of holes for the well worn look – no need to look distressed when your clothes can do it for you! 😉


mother’s day gift bloomingdales smiley


Moving on from apparel and accessories to another mother’s day gifting classic – beauty products and cosmetics (we thought scented candles and bath bombs might be a bit too cliche!) 😛

LAPCOS in Korea boast a flawless collection of Smiley cosmetics, such as 2-in-1 primer and foundation, soft blusher, smouldering eye shadow kits, and stylish nail polish in a wide range of cute pastel colours ^^


LAPCOS Smiley cosmetics mother’s day gift

We also have a sumptuous selection of brand new beauty products from Admiranda launched in Europe this year, but our pick of the bunch are the delightfully luxurious scented body washes and shower gels that make bath time blissful!

If mixing and matching is more your thing, there’s even a fun Smiley bathroom gift pack that comes with a cute backpack and a range of gorgeous toiletries! 🙂


Admiranda Smiley Body lotion beauty mother’s day gift


Last but definitely not least, we have everyone’s real favourite gift – tasty treats!

Nowadays everyone is getting the same old boring chocolate for mother’s day, so why not put a Smiley spin on things and go with some delicious tartlets from Compagnie Patissiere in France!

These delectable delights come in three fantastic flavours, Rasberry, Caramel, and our favourite, crunchy chocolate – yum yum! 😀


Smiley tartlets mother’s day gift


So there you have it, a whole world of wonderful Smiley gift ideas to celebrate the most important woman in your life!

If none of these tickle your purse strings, why not get in touch with us via @SmileyOriginal on twitter and we will do our best to find the perfect Smiley gift to make your mother’s day extra special <3

Have a great weekend! 🙂 ')}