We all know about the stiff competition to win valuable retail space from buyers at the leading grocery store chains today. No longer is it just about how your products tastes, but it is becoming increasingly important how it looks on the shop floor.

In fact you could have the best tasting product in the market, but if it doesn’t jump out on the shop floor, I very much doubt that consumers will even get the opportunity to find out just how delicious it tastes. Without doubt one of the single biggest challenges facing food producers today is how they win the hearts and minds of consumers on the supermarket shelves, and this is where Smiley can help you.

SmileyWorld packaging concept

Having spent the last 2 years painstakingly researching the market and surveying consumers in all of our key markets (France, UK, Germany, Italy, USA and Spain), and our target supermarket chains (Carrefour, Auchan, Mercadona, Tesco), we have developed a unique packaging concept that is proven and is winning at retail.

Smiley’s market research went so deep that it even looked at which fonts and packaging colours appealed most to consumers – not just which of its world famous Smiley icons engaged best with the consumer.

The key findings were:

  •  63% felt that the big yellow fun tonal print and font would attract twice as much attention as any other offering.
  •  67% wanted a big yellow Smiley logo, and perceived this as the coolest product.
  •  69% felt that the combination of big logo, fun yellow tonal print and big packaging created a product consumers are most likely to buy, considerably outdistancing all other options.


Smiley FMCG packaging Crisps Snacks Food

Smiley FMCG packaging Crisps Snacks Food

From this deep insight it developed ‘Taste Happiness’, a unique food lifestyle concept that brings Smiley’s vast array of digital icons to life on the packaging of food products. This hugely appealing concept both engages and captivates by providing an interactive consumer experience with emoticons, one of the most popular trends for the digital generation today.

SmileyWorld packaging concept

Smiley’s world of icons is so broad that there is almost an icon for every food ingredient and always a way of expressing the particular food emotions created by that product on its packaging. These range of products can not only inspire happiness through packaging design, but also connects these products with a whole new generation of consumers that have made Smileys a massive part of their lives today.


Smiley food packaging



As a result Smiley’s licensing program has grown at great pace in the last 12 months and is trailblazing the way for licensing brands in the food industry today. This growth is not just in own brand or co-brand products, but also in the development of private label ranges for some of the leading supermarket brands in the market.

All of these ingredients have created a whole world of unique opportunities, whether you’re a food retailers, manufacturer, licensee or distributor…working with Smiley will ensure that your products will have the standout impact at retail, which is so important today.


SmileyWorld packaging concept