I know, it seems like only yesterday we were breathing a collective sigh of relief as we packed our little monsters back to school after the summer, but the half-term holidays are fast approaching, and they are going to need some entertainment!

No need to panic though, Smiley is here to help out with a some fun new toys and games to keep kids calm so you can carry on! 🙂



First up is the brand new collection from Simba Toys, which includes the fun Smiley Collect set, and a whole host of ‘pocket money’ toys and games!

Smiley Collect comes in mystery packs, and features over 50 different Smileys to collect and swap with friends – there’s even a super rare Golden Smiley to be found! Smiley Collect can be stuck everywhere or even used as pencil toppers when the kids return to school! They even come with a handy checklist to keep your kid’s collection up to date!



Simba Toys have also released the ‘pocket money’ set of fun games and activities, perfect for keeping your little ones quiet on a budget! 😉 With everything from bouncy balls to slinkys, and yo-yos to frisbees, we’re sure there is something they will enjoy. There’s even a connect 4 style travel game to keep them busy for hours in the car on half-term road trips!

Are your kids more into messy tactile play? Well the new Smiley Egg-Moji range of collectibles from Terrier Toys could be just what you’re looking for! Crack open one of these little bundles of happiness and you will find a fun gooey dough yolk, and inside that is a hidden Smiley emoticon with two awesome accessories to customise your collection! 🙂

Still not messy enough for your little monsters? Well, get ready for Smiley Slimy! 😀 Fresh out of the fun lab at Trend Alliance, these large Smiley cases show a range of all your favourite emoticons, and inside is a super gloopy Smiley Slime! Stretch it, slam it, squish it! We definitely aren’t throwing the slime at each other’s monitors at Smiley HQ… You can’t prove anything! 😛

Smiley Slimy Trend Alliance

If none of those tickle your fancy and you are really stuck for activities this half-term, we also have a brand new Games section of our website, with free board games, search and find puzzles, themed colouring sheets, and even an online app to create your very own custom Smiley!

If you want to share your own top tips for happy kids this half-term, then drop us a line on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and let us know!

Happy holidays! 🙂