Like a Californian sunset, Coachella 2016 has come to a beautiful, warm and glowing end, leaving smiles all round.

Smiley and Good Sign have joined forces again to bring people together in happiness following their appearance at Weekend One of the sunny and star-studded Coachella Festival.

Once again, it was a weekend of great music, good vibes, and of course, tributes to Prince pouring in in the form of purple lights and special covers by the top and diverse line up that graced the stages.

coachella 2016 festival music smiley and good sign

Smiley and This Is A Good Sign teamed up again to hand deliver smiles and good signs, spreading the iconic yellow positivity throughout the crowds. Festival-goers dressed in chic boho style, and this season’s ‘in’ double hair plaits, made sure the simple, positive message was being seen, holding it up for thousands to see.

coachella smiley and good sign flag girls 2016

As the sun shone down on the main stage, the Smiley and Good Sign team brightened up the fans through billowing flags and eye-catching signs. Chrvches brought in the largest crowd of the day on Saturday, and the biggest smiles were seen shining back at the band high up on people’s shoulders.

coachella smiley sign and good sign 2016 chrvches

Elsewhere, Ice Cube brought out Dr. Dre, MC Ren, DJ Yella and Kendrick Lamar to the stage, bringing together the N.W.A reunion he promised from Weekend One. Performing “Still D.R.E” and Tupac’s “California Love,” the crowd, understandably, went wild. Usher surprised fans with a rendition of “I would Die 4 U” and “1999” to honour the late Prince, whilst LCD Soundsystem paid tribute through a memorable cover of “Controversy” following their homage to David Bowie in Weekend One with “Heroes.”

With Smiley and Good Sign flyers being handed out by the hundreds, all reminding people to #BeSmiley, the collaboration continued to spread its happiness movement. Smileys could be seen far and wide, including the Smiley on a rainbow flag which served to highlight music festivals’ true raison d’être: bringing all people together in happiness, freedom and equality.

coachella main stage 2016 flag smiley and good sign