Just pack up your pencils in your old kit bag and Smile, Smile, Smile! 🙂

Sorry kids, we know it’s the summer holidays and you probably don’t need a reminder that school is lurking just around the corner, but for most parents it’s a wonderful return to peace and quiet – you just have to get all that pesky back to school shopping out of the way first!

But no need to worry – here at Smiley we’ve gathered together the best and brightest of our licensees’ back to school offerings into one handy list for your convenience! 😉

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United Kingdom


Claire’s back to school collection

Claire’s is a strong contender for the back to school crown this year, with a range of stylish stationery products to meet any needs – and with the quality to assure they don’t get worn out quickly by your little monsters!

There’s fun fruity stationery sets, pens, and pencil cases, hot neon pink accessories, and even water bottles and snack packs so you can pack your kids off to school with tasty treats to keep them going!

Particularly noteworthy is the hugely popular ‘denim effect’ range, with faux jean backpacks, notepads, and pencil cases all currently flying off the shelves throughout the UK! You can even pick up some tropical Smiley badges and patches at Claire’s to customise your kids bags even further and make them really stand out from the crowd!

The full range of Claire’s back to school specials can be snapped up in-store now or online throughout Europe.


Zara Kids back to school collection

If your kids are lucky enough to not wear uniforms to school, then you know the pain of having to find the ‘right’ outfit to send them back to school in style and impress their friends. Luckily Zara has launched their stunning Smiley kids range just in time to save you the trouble! 🙂

There’s a full range of fantastic fashion must-haves for girls and boys, with a mix of bold on-trend Smiley details with subtle twists, like sequins, sewn patches, and spliced graphics.

You can shop the collection in-store in Europe and the Middle East or online later this month.


Blueprint back to school collection

This year Blueprint’s beautiful back to school designs are inspired by Coachella and Californian beach culture, with a funky pink and blue pastel colour palette, tropical graphics, and fun Smiley slogans so your kids can bring a slice of summer back to the classroom! ^^

This cool collection boasts notepads, stationery sets, pens, pencil cases, bags, and even Smiley sticker packs to decorate those boring old school books! 😉

Blueprint’s catalogue can be found online, and their pretty products can be found in major high street retailers such as John Lewis and Claire’s Accessories.


A Smiley selection of products from Claire’s, Zara, and Blueprint




Alpa back to school collection

Alpa have been busy little bees all summer creating a range of bright and funky agendas, bags, binders and backpacks that will keep your kid organised well into the new term!

With a strong focus on individuality and expression, and even a selection of products designed with little sports stars in mind, Alpa’s school accessories have a style to suit everyone!

Check out Alpa’s collection available online at Bureau Vallee now!


Lannoo back to school collection

Lannoo’s back to school products come in a wide range of bold designs, to appeal to children with different interests and styles. Ranging from bright and funky Smiley prints and ‘urban’ themes, to the more simple and chic ‘grown-up’ items, there should be something there to appeal to everyone!

Their backpacks are definitely worth highlighting! With tons of styles and more pockets and zips than you can shake a stick at, there is space for everything your little ones need on their first day back to school!

Lannoo’s Smiley products can be found in most major stationery suppliers across France and parts of Europe – just search the aisles for the smiles! 🙂



Herlitz back to school collection

Herlitz have come out swinging this back to school season with a beautiful range of products featuring an exclusive colourful Smiley face design made up from many smaller expressive smileys.

The design features funky colourful Smileys which stand out from the black background to create an eye catching and iconic line of products that will spread smiles across the playground!

Also well worth a mention is a cute collection of pink and white striped stationery and accessories for girls, covered in fun smiley sticker prints and slogans to bring fun back to the classroom!

You can find Herlitz back to school collection on their online catalogue.  




Sportandem back to school collection

Another brand with a strong focus on iconic patterns and design, Sportandem have come out with a line of backpacks, laptop bags, luggage, and pencil cases that seamlessly blend fashion and function.

The trolley bags are fairly unique within the Smiley pack of back to school brands, so if you are the proud parent of an overburdened kid then this could be the perfect bag to keep their essentials safe and secure without weighing them down!

You can ‘bag’ (tee hee) these Sportandem products online or in most major chains across Spain.



Franco Cosimo Panini back to school collection

Iconic, fun, and individual, Franco Cosimo Panini’s line of Smiley backpacks and bags are sure to spread happiness around the classroom this back to school season!

Franco Cosimo Panini also boast a wide range of stationery featuring unique bright Smiley patterns that are stylish and really pop out of the black background for added impact.

You can get some ‘face-time’ (sorry!) with Franco Cosimo Panini’s Smiley bags and other products online at Amazon, or other Italian online retailers.


Beautiful backpacks from Herlitz, Sportandem, and Franco Cosimo Panini



Diakakis back to school collection

Diakakis have focused on bold iconic designs for their line of back to school products, with notepads, pencil cases, and even water bottles to name but a few.

With strong branding and memorable quotes in the iconic ‘keep calm and carry on’ British style, Diakakis products will be a winner with boys and girls of all ages!

You can stay up to date with Diakakis products on their website.

Eastern Europe


Eurocom back to school collection

Whether your kids are cool candy girls, jokers, #TeamPerfect, or just looking for fun, Eurocom’s wide range of themes should have a design to match your little one’s lifestyle!

Stocking everything from wallets to sketchpads and pens to trolley bags, even the most heavily-laden child should be able to strut back to school with everything neatly packed away!

Eurocom’s back to school collection can be found at their website.


A Smiley assortment from Diakakis and Eurocom


Wow, that was a lot to cover in one blog! We hope we’ve given you a few ideas to get your little ones kitted out and ready for school in September, but there’s even more Smiley school supplies out there – follow Smiley on Facebook to stay up to date with all our product launches!

If you have any recommendations for other Smiley back to school products you think should be featured (or just want to show off pics of your new purchases!) then drop us a line on Twitter @SmileyOriginal and we’ll make sure to spread the word!

Enjoy the holidays! 😀