Smiley CEO Nicolas Loufrani was recently profiled on French prime time TV show Capital, one of the leading prime time shows on one of France’s most popular entertainment channel M6, where he gave an intimate and very candid insight to his life running one of the world’s leading lifestyle licensing companies.

The Capital crew spent two weeks shadowing Nicolas around the world and filming him at a number of leading industry events from Hong Kong to Paris and even features behind the scenes footage at one of the world’s leading toy companies in Nuremberg. The show analyses how he has spearheaded the happiness revolution and created a global brand extension from his universe of Smileys, whilst also examining the challenges he faces in the market today.  

As well as sitting in on meetings with prospects and current licensing partners, the film crew made their way to Smiley’s London based HQ to meet the Smiley team and get a greater understanding of the unique set up Nicolas masterminds in the businesses London offices.

Watch the full footage exclusively on the Smiley Blog.