The creator of emoticons, Nicolas Loufrani (CEO), gave an exclusive interview to France’s leading commercial terrestrial broadcaster, TF1, this weekend. TF1 took viewers through a behind-the-scenes insight into the daily running of Smiley’s specialist design studio and ever-expanding world of Smiley emoticons, where several new Smileys are added daily.  

Viewed by an average of 8 million people per day, Nicolas’ interview with TF1 discussed the history of the world-famous Smiley icon, and how Smiley continues to be at the forefront of the global happiness revolution. Today, it is one of the TOP150 licensing Companies in the world, with over 230 licensees globally generating an annual turnover at retail in excess of $200 million. 

The TF1 film crew spent an exciting day at the Smiley design studio, experiencing the sheer range of Smiley products and met the cutting-edge designers and brand managers who bring about these products. Presenter, Audrey Crespo Mara, even had her very own Smiley icon created, adding to Smiley’s extensive emoticon dictionary of over 3,000 emoticons.

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With specialist brand teams coming from licensee-specific industries, who understand the needs of each and every licensee, the Smiley Studio’s unique approach and expertise ensures innovation, creativity and an unparalleled approach to every product launch.

Watch the full interview here!