Nici have been setting the standards for Smiley in the gift and accessories market for several years and we are delighted to see the launch of their latest Smiley Happy collection for 2015, featuring an exciting range of back to school, gift and plush accessories.


Nici and Smiley share the same ethos of producing bold and engaging collections underpinned by creativity and high quality production standards, whilst promoting the values of positivity and happiness.

This latest collection is dedicated to spreading happiness at home, school or on the move and suitable for kids aged 5 – 14 years old with bloc signature pieces featuring the iconic Smiley logo in plush bright pink or yellow on each design.

The Smiley Happy Collection offers back to school accessories, phone accessories, pouches, purses, picture holders and kitchenware, all priced between €6.99 – €14.99.

View the entire collection online today