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Smiley is delighted to announce an exciting new deal signed with sports retailer LazyBee, to produce a new line of sportswear across stores in Korea.

LazyBee will be launching an exclusive collection that will put the world-famous Smiley icon on a full range of sports leisurewear, casual apparel, swimwear and accessories.

As Smiley continues to grow its presence in the sportswear sector and in the Asia Pacific market, this exciting new deal highlights the demand for fashionable sportswear in the market today whilst also highlighting Smiley’s unique values that are dedicated to putting the smile back into active sports market and promoting a unique message of positive values and fair play.

The new collection with LazyBee will fuse innovative styling with form & functionality to create a collection that is dedicated to the casual sport enthusiast and underpinned by happy and positive sentiments.

LazyBee is a four seasons lifestyle brand, offering trendy apparel all year round. Situated in shopping centres and major department stores across Korea, LazyBee will be selling their Smiley collection in at least 30 LazyBee stores as well as online.