Book publishing continues and expands in new markets for The Smiley Company. Ma Vie En Smiley (My Smiley Life) the brand’s first novel, is an anthology of short illustrated storybooks using SmileyWorld’s multi-personality characters, written by author Anne Kalicky, and inspired by the brand’s precocious protagonist, Max. They launched first in 2016 and books four and five are set to launch in Spring 2018 and Autumn 2019. The series was first published by Les Livres du Dragon d’Or, and after seeing a demand from consumers a new series Tout Va Bien (It’s All Good) is also being published internationally for English, Italian, German, and Czechoslovakian translations. Over 650,000 SmileyWorld books have sold in France along with a range of sticker books, journals and activity books.

“It’s all about happiness, positivity, self-expression and emotional intelligence,” says Lori Heiss-Tiplady, Smiley’s VP of Toys, Publishing, Digital & FMCG. “The My Smiley Life series of novels bring our brand values to the forefront of our business.”