The 2016 Olympic games in Rio have been a fantastic celebration of sporting prowess, but here we have gathered our favourite happy moments from the games that brought a smile to our faces!


That Usain Bolt picture

You’ve probably already seen this picture circulating online after the men’s 100m sprint final, but this perfectly-timed snap of the world’s fastest man just goes to show the positivity and the love that Bolt has for competing!

Usain Bolt Smile


Mo Farah’s fall

Medal hopeful Mo Farah caused gasps around the stadium when he had a nasty trip during the During the 10,000m running event. Luckily the fall came early in the race and Mo was able to get back up and continue the race, pushing hard and eventually passing the other runners in the final 100m to claim the gold medal spot!

Mo Farah fall


Breaking down barriers

This beautiful picture from the Rio Olympic Arena shows that sport can break down barriers between nations. During a training session for the gymnastics Hong Un-jong from North Korea was snapped taking a smiling selfie with South Korean gymnast Lee Eun-ju, in an image that is becoming a symbol of how the Olympic games can bring people and nations closer together despite past conflicts.

NK/SK Selfie


Love is in the air

These Olympic games have also seen plenty of cute marriage proposals! China’s Qin Kai proposed to his girlfriend He Zi who had just received her silver medal for the 3m springboard diving event, causing an eruption of applause and cheers throughout the aquatic centre! British horse rider Charlotte Dujardin was surprised by a “will you marry me?” sign held up by boyfriend Dean Wyatt, and American triple jumper William Claye climbed into the stands after his event to propose to fellow American Queen Harrison.



It’s also been a heartwarming celebration of LGBT relationships at Rio this year, with Brazilian rugby player Isadora Cerullo being surprised by her partner Marjorie Enya with a proposal on the field, cheered on by the audience. British race walker Tom Bosworth also popped the question to his boyfriend Harry Dineley on Rio’s idyllic Copacabana beach, announcing the news to their fans via social media.


Proposal 2


The rise of the underdogs

There have been many gold medal ‘firsts’ for some of the smaller countries competing in the Olympics this summer, with audiences back home dancing in the streets to celebrate the achievements of their athletes.

Vinh Xuan took home Vietnam’s first ever gold with a calm and collected performance in a nerve wracking final of the men’s 10m air pistol final.

Monica Puig shocked many pundits by grabbing gold for Puerto Rico in the ladies Tennis singles tournament, knocking out winners of the Australian and French opens on her way to beating the Olympic 2nd seed in the final.

Kelmendi of Kosovo brought home her country’s first ever gold in the women’s Judo final and was reduced to tears of joy from the emotion of the event.

Other gold medal ‘firsts’ this year include Bahrain, Fiji, Kuwait, Côte d’Ivoire, Jordan, Singapore, and Tajikistan.

Vietnam gold


Funny moments

One of the funniest and most heartwarming moments of the summer games came when David Katoatau of the small island nation of Kiribati stepped up for the men’s 105kg weightlifting event. After completing his lift on the second attempt he danced his way off stage with an infectious smile on his face, much to the crowd’s delight. Even after failing his third attempt at his final lift he wasn’t sad, he jumped up and danced his way off stage again to a round of applause from the audience. If there was a gold medal for positivity we are pretty sure David would take it!


Another funny moment occurred during the medal ceremony for the women’s gymnastics, when Simone Biles discovered a bee in her bouquet and proceeded to dance around the podium in an effort to escape the monster! Simone found the funny side and later joked in an interview that “I don’t do bugs.”


We are of course sad to see the end of these magnificent Olympic games, but it’s just a short break before the Paralympics kick off on September 7th where we can start the party all over again! 😀

Now you have read our top picks or happy moments from the Rio 2016 Olympics, why not let us know your own?! Just leave a comment below or drop us a tweet @SmileyOriginal!