Smiley and Huawei teamed up to promote the launch of the amazing new Nova 2 smartphone, which boasts incredible facial recognition software that automatically captures a photo whenever the user smiles! 


Huawei x Smiley


This prestigious promotion took place in six Huawei stores across mainland China, namely Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Chengdu, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou. Outside the store windows were decked out with bright Smiley vinyl stickers, balloons, and inflatables, all surrounded by positive messages.

The fun continued inside, with more balloons, displays, and stickers for customers to take pictures with on the new Nova 2 smartphone selfie stations and share with friends! 


Huawei x Smiley


The stores also showed a video created by Smiley and Huawei with partners Walton Brown, highlighting the amazing technology at work with the facial recognition software, and how it brightens the day and brings smiles to people of all ages!



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