SmileyWorld has teamed up with global platform for personalised clothing and accesories, Spreadshirt, to create the most extensive Smiley collection available on the internet. Spreadshirt has become the go-to site for anyone looking to realise their creative ideas across a wide range of different products.

SmileyWorld and Spreadshirt go hand in hand in allowing customers freedom of expression. With a unique DIY approach that allows SmileyWorld designs to be readily available with exciting graphics and expressive slogans across a range of products that includes Technical accessories, apparel, accessories bags and even aprons.

For Winter 16, Spreadshirt have released a range of SmileyWorld’s favourite festive prints to be customised onto its wide selection of apparel and accessories.

Visit the website here!

santas-my-homie-longsleeve smileyworld-classic-wink-smiley-hoodie smileyworld-panda-xmas-hoodie smileyworld-you-vs-me-sweatshirt


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