Throughout 2017, Smiley will be celebrating the 20th anniversary since CEO Nicolas Loufrani created the world’s first digital Smileys.

This landmark celebration will see a host of exciting marketing activations throughout the course of 2017 that will include a variety of PR and social media campaigns, retail launches, trade show promotions and a collection of limited edition POS to activate this exciting event.

This exciting POS package features a full selection of products that includes: freestanding shelving units, counter top displays, shelf talkers, posters and branding wobblers which all pay homage to over 20 years of digital Smileys.

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The history of Digital Smileys

In 1997, the world was in the midst of a technological revolution. People were using expressive emotions made from punctuation marks for text messaging and emails. Hundreds of these had been created as an art form but only 🙂 and 🙁 were really understandable and being used. It was then that Nicolas Loufrani (CEO of the Smiley Company) started experimenting with Smileys to create graphic faces that corresponded to the pre-existing emoticons.

Loufrani sat down with his designers in New York and created a dictionary of emotions that consisted of thousands of different Smileys which he registered with the United States Copyright Office from 1997 and published on the internet in 1998, these would become the world’s first graphical emoticons. This allowed The Smiley Company to create a new brand (SmileyWorld) that expressed thousands of emotions and could also be applied to a variety of products.

In the 20 years since then, these Smileys have been featured on tens of thousands of products, created by more than 800 licensees, and  has generated over $1billion dollars in retail sales.