The Smiley Company is the proud originator of the first graphical emoticon with the introduction of SmileyWorld, an extensive dictionary of over 3000 unique emoticons, that has influenced the digital phenomenon that is used today by billions of people everyday, everywhere!

SmileyWorld, the world’s first interactive multimedia brand joined forces with the UK’s leading specialty retailers of fashionable jewellery and accessories for teens, tweens and kids, Claire’s. Together, they created another range of innovative, fun and affordable products for the UK market that fused both brands’ reputations for excellence, innovation and originality.

This unique collaboration underpinned SmileyWorld’s core value to ‘Express Yourself’ through the use of emoticons, which is how teens, tweens and kids communicate throughout the world today. The collection features a range of fun products including denim backpacks, rainbow-themed make-up boxes and emoticon inspired accessories.


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