SmileyWorld and Herlitz have enjoyed a relationship since 2011, based on the continued success of SmileyWorld at retail in Germany, where the brand has grown its turnover at retail by 60% since 2015. 

With SmileyWorld’s products permanently available at retail in all of Germany’s key retailers including Galeria Kaufhof giving SmileyWorld standout visibility at retail always. Herlitz have utilised their understanding and knowledge of the brand by expanding the brands distribution to several of Easter Europe’s key retailers for 2016.

As I’m sure all will agree the range of products, design and quality have been a major contributing factor to the continued success of this longstanding licensing partnership.

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11437944P141_pencil case SmileyWorld Fun 11437951P142_bebag airgo SmileyWorld Rainbow (2) 11437977P141_triple case SmileyWorld Rainbow
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