It’s proven that to build really successful partnerships today you need to go the extra mile for your partners. No longer can you just license a property and walk away and rely on picking up the royalty cheque every quarter.

You need to ensure your partners have every chance of success, because after all their success is your success, their increased turnover on your products is your increased royalty cheque. So work smart and do your bit for your licensees and that investment back into your partners will return in a long lasting and successful relationships.

This is a strategy being embraced by Smiley, who continue to go above and beyond to support its licensees, from the added value design support offered in product development, world class POS and marketing support from Smiley Studio, to amplifying its licensees products to the leading decision makers in their industries. Everything Smiley does is to drive sales and brand awareness and this approach was best showcased at the recent edition of SIAL in Paris.




Tradeshow Support

The Smiley team presented the huge range of innovative and tasty treats that our licensees have brought to market on 2 exciting stands at the show. The line-up included products from industry leaders such as Intersnack, Biscuiterie l’Abbaye, Compagnie Patissiere, Dalla Costa, Giraudi, Guenthart, Hellema, L’Abeille, Fruselva, Modecor, R+R Rolland, Sevenday and Witors, to name a few.

SIAL Paris gathers around 7000 exhibitors and 155,000 visitors each year, including industry professionals, buyers, and licensing agents. Smiley’s strategy is to invest substantially into exhibiting at trade shows around the world, not only to show off partner’s products, but also to network with buyers from leading chains to ensure that those products are represented on shelves across Europe.




Smiley are never content to take a back seat, and the brand took 2 prominent booths at SIAL. The first was to showcase the complete range of products within Smiley’s successful ‘Taste Happiness’ concept and the other was to launch Smiley’s first foray into the beverage market, and showcase Smiley Fruity and Smiley Smoothies.

If having 2 booths was not enough, Smiley also had their world famous badging crew back in action, who were present throughout the massive 5 day event. The crew spread happiness and positivity with their winning smiles, and pulled out a record breaking performance by distributing over 35,000 Smiley badges to industry professionals, ensuring massive prominence and further growth of brand awareness for Smiley throughout the show.


SIAL Smiley Bage Crew


And it doesn’t end there!

Smiley also took out a full page advert in industry leading publication LSA (a weekly magazine specialising in trade, distribution and consumer goods) to showcase the latest and most innovative of Smiley’s food and beverage products. The striking advert featured showcased all the products that make up the ‘Taste Happiness’ concept, while tens of thousands of copies of this issue of LSA was distributed at SIAL, ensuring continued and complete visibility of Smiley at the show.


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