For World Health Day, we want to make sure your body feels healthier by being happier, so we’ve put together 11 tips to make your body smile.


world health day body healthy happy smile


1. Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a mental state of awareness. It’s the practice of becoming aware of one’s surroundings and being connected with them. It’s about giving your full attention to everything around you. You can try it now by closing your eyes and focusing fully on the sounds around you. Zone in on each sound and really experience the sound. Then once you’re aware of every sound, start to become aware of yourself and how you’re feeling. Start at your toes and move your way up and hone in on each feeling. Once you reach your head, take a deep breath and really smell what’s around you. Take in all the scents around you and consider them fully. You can do this whilst walking too. As you walk, become aware of your legs. Which part of your leg is pulling you forward and making you move? How quickly are you walking? How does it feel? Focus fully on the part of your legs that you have acknowledged are making you move. By connecting with everything around you, you’ll create calmness and peace inside you. A happy mind is a happy body, so celebrate World Health Day by feeling healthier through a more connected you.


2. Salt water swimming

Swimming in salt water has been proven to be extremely beneficial to the body. Not only does it cleanse wounds, but it boosts the immune system and helps sore heads after a few too many wines 😉

A study found that people who regularly dipped into cold water saw an increase in their white blood cell count, which fight off infections. Swimming in salt water also helps the skin to retain moisture also promoting cell growth. Create a happy body in a fun way by feeling the good effects of salt water swimming. World Health Day may not fall on the hottest time of year for most of the world, but don’t let that stop you! Cold water will get your blood pumping!


3. Morning stretches

Who doesn’t feel good after a big, long stretch in the morning? It’s a great way to get the blood pumping around the body and sets you up to take on the day. You have the perfect excuse of World Health Day today, so get up and get stretching. One stretch you can try is raising your arms to the sky and breathing in deeply. Look up as you do it and imagine the beautiful, expansive sky above you. After you’ve held your arms up for a few seconds, drop them down in front of you and make yourself floppy and relaxed. Another stretch to try is to keep your legs straight and raise one arm in the air, then lean your body to the alternative side. Alternate with the other arm and leaning to the other side. After doing this, twist your body from side to side to get your chest moving, breathing deeply and expanding your lungs to allow more air into them. More oxygen going around inside the blood releases more energy, creating a you that’s pumped for the day.


4. Learning a musical instrument

Music has a unique effect on the body. It can bring back strong memories and it connects us emotionally to something, something we feel in our core. Learning a musical instrument puts you in tune with this inexpressible feeling. It also exercises your brain’s memory, relieves stress, teaches perseverance, makes you feel more confident in front of people and stimulates creativity, making you happier through the sense of fulfilment.


5. Drinking warm water with lemon

Drinking a glass of warm water with fresh lemon flushes out toxins and aids the digestive system, a perfect kick-start to the day. The vitamin C boosts the immune system, whilst the potassium helps nourish the brain and nerve cells. It also provides energy to the liver enzymes to strengthen it. Have a detox day and raise a glass of water and lemon to World Health Day!


6. Colouring-in

Colouring-in took the world by storm last year, with the past-time being popularised by hundreds of books (which also became the best-selling book category that year). Being creative is fulfilling and releases happy hormones inside you. Colouring is therapeutic, generates wellness, quietness, mindfulness helping to relieve stress. We have lots of Smiley colouring-in books, check them out here!



7. Eat dark chocolate

Dark chocolate contains, fibre, iron, magnesium, copper, manganese, potassium, phosphorus, zinc and selenium, and some studies suggest it can lower blood pressure. It contains far less sugar than other chocolate, so is a great sweet treat with a lot less guilt. Drink that lemon water with a side of dark chocolate to make the most of World Health Day.


8. Use coconut oil on your face

Coconut oil is naturally antibacterial, antifungal and moisturising. It can also remove make-up, add shine and highlights to your cheeks (for those who contour). It’s a multi-functional, super nutrient which will have your smiling from the inside out.


9. Eat vegetables as a starter before your main

Have a starter before your food that’s a full plate of vegetables. It’s a great way to increase your intake of vegetables, which is crucial for a happier body, but it also fills you up and will stop you eating more of less healthy food later on.


10. Add a 20 minute fast walk into your day every day

Get outside! Especially if the sun is shining, but also enjoy the fresh feeling of rain coming down on you. Go for a brisk walk at some point in your day to get yourself moving, feeling energised and connected with the beautiful world outside. Exercise is proven to make us feel miles happier, so whenever you don’t feel up to it, remember the feeling you get just as you’ve finished exercising and get out there!


11. Get more sleep

Finally, it’s super important to get at least 7 hours sleep a night, ideally 8-9 for some. Listen to what your body is telling you: if you feel tired, get more sleep to let you take on the day with more energy and confidence, crucial to feeling good and happy. It will help your creativity, you won’t be tempted to eat as much junk food to create false energy bursts with sugar and overall make you happier.