It’s July and people all around the world are looking to travel to this summer’s hot spots. Check out these destinations to see where people are smiling the most.


Ibiza, Spain

Smiling in Ibiza

The mecca of house music and techno. Ibiza experiences a surge in attendance during the summer months. People from all generations travel to Ibiza to experience the fantastic nightlife there. There are dozens of nightclubs and parties all night long on the beach, people find it hard to stay away from this tiny Spanish island.


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Smiling in Rio

After hosting an impressive world cup, Brazil is on center stage hosting the Olympics this summer. Pristine beaches, carnival culture, and the world’s biggest athletics competition will attract the world to Rio. Take a cable car up to the top of the Corcovado Mountain where you can overlook Rio and the surrounding neighborhoods. The view is one of the best in the world, it cannot be missed. Lots of smiles for the whole family!


Costa Rica

Smiling in Costa Rica

An adventurer’s paradise, Costa Rica is perfect for the thrill seeker in everyone. The densely wooded country has surfing, zip lining, and other adventurous activities. You will have the opportunity to travel in spacious nature reserves that are full of exotic wildlife. Go spelunking (cave exploring), cliff diving, and ATV’ing. The choice is yours, this island will guarantee many of smiles for its visitors.



Smiling in Iceland

After upsetting England in the Euro 2016 football tournament, the tiny Island of Iceland is surging in popularity. With only 300k residents, Iceland has a small population but compensates with scenery that is unmatched anywhere in the world. There are volcanos and geothermal areas that naturally heat pools of water. These pools are perfect for bathing, think of them as a nature’s outdoor spa. There are many opportunities to hike and roam the country because in Iceland it is sunny almost 24 hours per day during July! The geysers will surely put a smile on your face.



Smiling in France

The Euro 2016 football tournament is winding down, but there are still many opportunities to tour France. Bordeaux has been declared the new wine capital of the world, and there a lot to see (and eat) in Lyon. End your vacation in France at the Stade de France in a suburb of Paris, the football action will not disappoint. Win or lose, you’ll still be smiling in France.