Smiley Collections

The Smiley Company offers licensing’s most complete and total lifestyle brand with two distinct options, Original Smiley and SmileyWorld, each with their own unique collections. The Smiley Collections offer licensees a creative framework which can easily be applied to a range of categories from fashion to food, publishing to toys, homewares to gifts and many more. Click on the images below to find out more about the variety of collections that make Smiley what it is today.

The Smiley Couture Collection bridges the gap between the catwalk and the sidewalk

Smiley Couture

The Smiley Originals Collection contains some of the world’s most celebrated fashion houses

Smiley Originals

The Smiley London Collection is inspired by over four decades of music and youth culture

Smiley London

The Smiley Happy Collection is a classic signature range with a fresh sense of fun

Smiley Happy Collection

The Smiley Happy Decor Collection uses colour and humour to spread happiness at home

Smiley Happy Decor

The Smiley Happy Sports Collection is a unique and vibrant range of active sportswear

Smiley Happy Sports

The SmileyWorld Girl Collection promotes the joyful expression of creativity, emotional intelligence and unique individuality

SmileyWorld Girl

The SmileyWorld Tribes Collection is a cross-cultural lifestyle concept which allows teens to identify with their tribe

SmileyWorld Tribes

The Smiley Baby Collection is a lovingly crafted range with a unique message of love, happiness and positivity

Smiley Baby

The SmileyWorld Boy Collection is a cheeky range to set kids on a voyage of self-discovery and personal expression

SmileyWorld Boy