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On Saturday 1 January 1972, Franklin Loufrani wanted to spread a little happiness in a time when bad news seemed to prevail. On that New Year’s Day, French newspaper France Soir printed the now iconic smiley logo to highlight good news stories. Before long, the promotion gained traction and an icon and brand was born. The Smiley Company is today one of the TOP100 licensing Companies in the world, with over 265 licensees globally generating annual turnover at retail in excess of $265 million and selling more than 23 million products year round. The Smiley trademark is registered in over 100 countries and in more than 13 product categories and according to a recent Toluna survey has 97% recognition across the world as a symbol of positivity.


Find out more about Franklin and Nicolas Loufrani and how they turned a simple campaign to promote happiness in newspapers into a $200 million a year business.

Franklin Loufrani

Having spent over 5 decades in senior positions in the licensing industry, Franklin was responsible for launching licensing programs for: Babar The Elephant, Batman, Scooby Doo & Superman. In 1972 Loufrani became the first person to legally trademark the Smiley face & is today President of The Smiley Company.

Nicolas Loufrani

The creative force behind The Smiley Company, Nicolas gained global recognition for creating the world’s first graphic emoticons. With over 20 years experience in the fashion and licensing industries, he has overseen the transformation of Smiley into the most complete lifestyle brand in the licensing industry today.

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Smiley the total lifestyle brand

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Smiley studio

At Smiley product creativity is absolutely key to everything we do. Our London based design studio analyses trends and develops style guides that focus on innovation, creativity and a unique approach to every single product we create to showcase our design visions of the brand, whilst ensuring everything we do reflects the brands DNA and is based on its philosophy and values.

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Design Visions

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At Smiley we pride ourselves on our ability to stay ahead of trends and to always be fresh, innovative and stylish, whilst obviously making everyone Smile. Take a look at our look books to see just how we maintain these unique ingredients.

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Find out more about the variety of collections that make Smiley what it is today - licensing’s most complete and total lifestyle brand.





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