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Kuwalla x Smiley: Mixing Art And Street Style.
Kuwalla x Smiley: Mixing Art And Street Style.

One of the newest partnerships hot off the Smiley rail is with Kuwalla, the unisex clothing brand defining the streetwear scene in Montreal, Canada.
The collection is made up of two of the classic wardrobe staples for unisex fashion, t-shirts and hoodies. This is the essence of the brand itself; with the Kuwalla label starting out from their love of timeless basics essential to everyday fashion.
The ‘All Smiles’ selection of hoodies and Tee’s in the colour pop flavours of coral and peach have an additional interesting design on the back. The original Smiley icon has been added on the faces of great works of classical art; The Mona Lisa and the iconic self portrait of Vincent Van Gogh. Next up we have the signature striped t-shirt’s which can add a pop of colour to any outfit.
Each piece is adorned with the signature embroidered Kuwalla koala bear, this time with a twist. The collaborative logo has been created to feature the Koala hugging the iconic smiley face.
The koala icon is the Kuwalla’s brand mascot, born from their love and respect for mother nature. This is apparent from their use of recyclable packaging and pact to minimize waste during development.
Feeling nostalgic? The definite hero piece of the collection, is definitely the Tie Dye T-shirt, featuring the iconic smiley face in XL on the back. Tie dye is making a comeback, so for all those who love the 60’s; this piece is for you!
The collection is available from the Kuwalla website here as well as select retailers worldwide.