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Smiley Creatives - Great Art As A Result Of Isolation

We've all been affected by COVID19 and being in lockdown in different ways and I think it’s safe to say we can all make an endless list of disadvantages to being stuck in the house, that being said, when’s the last time you had this much time to spend on those things you always meant to get round to? Having lots of extra time free’d up that would have otherwise been spent at the gym, travelling to work or dare I say it at our favourite pub, can have amazing results! We’ve shared the meme’s, we’ve melted at the animal videos, now it’s time to shine the spotlight on all those incredible creatives who have used this strange time to get artistic and done so by making Smiley Inspired Art!! Here’s some of our faves!

This Smiley inspired Earth Day GIF that @Matvoyce shared is not only awesome, but also a great reminder of our responsibility to look after this place!

Madrid based @Astro_balls continuously blows it out of the water and it’s always a pleasure to see what they upload next! 

Last week I logged into Instagram and spotted this piece by @mechibaz, we’ve shared some of their art before because we think it rocks, but this one is ace again! Spot the smiley!

This piece by @dame_una_i looks like it belongs in an episode of Adventure Time and obviously that’s a great thing!

We dig the vibes and rhymes that @highsmileson brings to the table!

If you stare too long your eyes start to hurt, but this trippy piece by @alexfoxley is banging!

Ever thought about getting creative customizing clothes? Our all time fave @dianarikasari does exactly that and absolutely smashed it everytime!

The super talented @childishmiguelo describing those isolation vibes perfectly!

All the super talented artists on this list smash it on a continous basis and we definately reccomend giving them a follow for some more smiles! Know of any other artists we should have put on the list? Got some Smiley inspired art you want us to share on our channel, get in touch on any of our Social Media networks! 

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