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TikTok Accounts Guaranteed To Help You #GetSmiley

During these long lockdown days TikTok has been providing us with bucket loads of memes, smiles and full on ridiculousness. A network dedicated to sharing laughs seems that the perfect place for Smiley, which is why we're starting our very own channel and making our social media manager embarrass himself in public. Totally worth it for the likes. (Give us a follow here).

During our intensive TikTok research we've stumbled across the cutest cats, radest trick shots, silliest dances and most magical green screen wizardry. It only seemed fitting we share some of our favourite Tik Tok channels with you so we can all #GetSmiley together.

Sky & Tami are a super cute couple from Spain who post fun videos that are constatnly in line with TikTok trends but never seem annoying or arrogant ... pretty difficult task to be fair!  

Lauren Godwin from Houston makes funny videos, plays pranks on her boyfriend and generally keeps those #Smiley vibes going whilst keeping up to date with the latest TikTok trends! 

Avneet Kaur first came into the spotlight on an Indian Dance Competition in 2010. Since then she's become a popular actress and coreographer who also has a huge TikTok following. If you're looking for dance moves, smiles and good vibes, look no further. 

You didn't think we were going to do a TikTok list and not include some adorable pets did you? I mean, they're an important part of our daily Smiley routine! JiffPom is an Awarad winning trend setter who is unbearably cute. Really, there's not much else to say, you're all off distracted watching his video anyway!

For some pure vibes, check out SpencerX, beat boxer extraordinaire. If his skills don't get your smile on, then it's OK, just swipe down. But he's got us groooooving!

Looking for some VFX, green screen wizardry and pure magic? TikTok is the place to be and Matty Deaks is the dude to watch! 

Had a barrel of laughs? Got some more accounts you think we should follow? Want to collaborate with us on a TikTok campaign? Why not get in touch through any of our Social Media channels. We'd love to hear from you!

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